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Storehouse 2.0

Took a look at Storehouse app today because their 2.0 release was mentioned online. I hadn’t heard of them before, but it sounds like they’ve got a decent amount of users. The concept sounds interesting, sharing photo stories with friends and family.

After about 10 minutes of play, it feels like Diet Path. I’d like to see a little better onboarding with this. It’s not entirely clear what a story is when you first start using it. And with 2.0, they closed off followers and a feed. Without this, it’s a little unclear what you’re actually doing when you start. And with no one to share with immediately, you face having to invite people.

This always feels like an uphill battle. I tried Path when it first launched, and really liked it. It continued to improve quite a bit over time. But wheat eventually happened was that all the people I followed or were following me stopped using it. Suddenly I faced sharing with myself. A glorified journal app. That’s what Storehouse felt like after my first story.

Pretty app, but I doubt I’ll be revisiting this app, nor will I invite others.

Storehouse 2.0 blog post

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